World's First Web3 Dating App

Incentivizing the dating app through web3 integrations

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Swipe, Match and Earn!

Gather is the first Date-to-Earn Web3 mobile app where all in-app purchases are 100% redistributed to the users

Key Features

Robust, blockchain based social dating functionality automatically prioritizes users based on their shared activities and interests

Solving the Core Dating Problems

The entry of blockchain into the online dating industry essentially makes users search for love more effective, safe and secure

Preventing the Fraudulent Activity

Fraud will easily be identified via our unique verification system. The information will be saved and encrypted on the blockchain allowing the data to be shared with other Dapps. This will expose the scammers, thus preventing them from creating any more harm across the whole network

Maximizing the User Motivation

Each user's behavior will be quantified depending on how valuable their contribution is to the network. More positive behavior will result in greater rewards for the user, thus indefinitely motivating continued and meaningful use of Gather

Realizing the Decentralized Dating

No one computer or server will house user data, preventing the security issues that have plagued the dating community for too long. On top of this, each user will be able to set up personal circles made up of friends and acquaintances. Dating circle members will be rewarded for getting friends to join them and contributing to a more meaningful dating experience

Our Team

Our team come from a multitude of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise to ensure the success of the project

Yuri LeemanGlobal Marketing Manager
Jae Ho YooProject Manager
Muhammad Aoun AnwarSenior Android Developer
Muhammad KamranSenior Android Developer
Muhammad SalmanSenior Android Developer
Abdul HannanSenior Android Developer
M. Asif AyubSenior IOS Developer
Muhammad ShaharyarSenior IOS Developer
Usama FaoroqSenior IOS Developer
Muhammad ZubairSenior IOS Developer
Moeez AliJunior IOS Developer
M. UsmanSenior Node Developer
Muhammad AkbarSenior Node Developer
M. JunaidSenior DevOps Developer
Muhammad ImranSenior DevOps Developer

Key Benefits

Building a relationship-centric dating environment through web3 integration

In-app Rewards

Date-to-earn. Swipe, Match and Earn

Gamified UX

level up user expeience by playful and game-like elements


Create a more respectful environment through blockchain


Powered by decentralized and encrypted data storage

Referral Program

Monetize traffic and earn GAT by sharing Gather with your friends

Token Economy

Start meeting new people!

Come be a pioneer with us! Gather is packed with features that allow you to safely and successfully find your partner